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Advanced Dermatology

Advanced Firming Body Complex

Advanced Firming Body Complex

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The Advanced Firming Body Complex delivers moisture, antioxidants, and All-trans-Retinol to nourish and lift skin. This unique formula helps to prevent and combat loose skin and protect the skin barrier. It is fortified with antioxidants that aid in reversing the effects of sun damage. It is known to make your skin look brighter and more youthful. This product increases collagen production in the skin. - The Advanced Firming Body Complex improves skin texture and smooths the appearance of cellulite - Contains Hyluronic Acid, All-trans- Retinol, Antioxidant Complex and Biomimetic Ceramide Complex. Apply to clean skin once or twice daily, including once immediately after exiting the shower. Suitable for all skin types


I recommend this moisturizer for the forearms, hands, neck, and decollate. Firming and building collagen in these areas is especially important to minimize wrinkles and easy bruising.
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