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Advanced Rx Hydration




• The ultimate hydration and anti-aging product without the risk of irritation or breakouts • Hyaluronic acid, the same ingredient as in facial fillers, in multiple molecular forms penetrates and protects skin for continuous, locked-in moisture – No oil, just pure hydration • Palmitoyl tripeptide-28 - Powerful peptides to help build collagen • Several antioxidants and minerals soothe skin and protect your cells from free radicals • Ergothionene & Glutathione to re-charge antioxidants • Zinc PCA & Copper PCA provide minerals and prevent excess sebum production • This product is great for all skin types. It is a hydrator and non irritating antiager. For oily skin types, I love this as a moisturizer. It moisturizes without adding any oil, does not cause breakouts and prevent excess sebum production. For dry skin types, this is the true moisture you have been seeking but different than the typical moisturizer. On dry skin types this product can be used as a serum to layer in moisture.


Apply a drop on your forehead and one on each cheek and blend. For drier skin types follow with a moisturizer – I recommend the Advanced Ultra-Rich Restorative Therapy.

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