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Advanced Dermatology

Purifying 2% Pads

Purifying 2% Pads

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With a blend of glycolic acid, 2% salicylic acid, and witch hazel, these patented, convenient, easy-to-use cleansing/toning pads were formulated to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and tone skin, control oil, refine and unclog pores, and discourage future breakouts. • Salicylic Acid USP, 2% - Pharmaceutical active acne medication ingredient removes surface oils, unplugs pores and opens up plugged follicles. • Glycolic Acid promotes exfoliation, smoother and brighter skin. • Witch Hazel - a proven astringent, smooths and tones skin without stripping. • Excellent and affordable solution for pediatric and adolescent patients. • Paraben-free


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